Chino Valley Ranchers Eggs Featured in Browned Butter Blondie Instagram Post

Chino Valley Ranchers organic, pasture-raised eggs were recently featured in an Instagram post by blogger and entrepreneur Heather Mubarak on her profile @brownedbutterblondie. The Flourless Molten Chocolate Cakes recipe includes 3 large egg whites. 

In the Instagram post, Heather says, “I made these in partnership with @chinovalleyranchers and you’re going to want to plunge a spoon right into this rich and ultra gooey cake.” On her Instagram profile, Heather shares dessert recipes for cookies, donuts, cakes, pies, ice cream, brownies, cupcakes, and more, reaching 57,000 followers.

Vice President of Chino Valley Ranchers, Chris Nichols, says, “I’ll take any excuse to enjoy dessert. But if Chino Valley Ranchers eggs are included in the recipe, then I don’t feel as guilty for indulging. Thanks, Heather, for this delightful recipe!”

On her website, Heather writes, “At Browned Butter Blondie, my insatiable sweet tooth hopes to inspire the home cook or budding baker in you with delicious, approachable, i-can-make-that-too recipes.” Heather is also the founder of The Toffee Box, a company producing handcrafted toffee.  

Explaining in her blog post why she chooses Chino Valley Ranchers, Heather says, “Thanks to my friends at Chino Valley Ranchers, I can get cage free eggs at the local market whenever I need them. Chino Valley Ranchers raises happy, healthy birds that are cage free from day one and produce the freshest, highest quality eggs out there.”

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