Chino Valley Ranchers Eggs A Social Media Sensation in Egg Salad Sandwich

Using Chino Valley Ranchers eggs, Japanese restaurant Konbi has created an Egg Salad sandwich that has earned praise from The New York Times California restaurant critic Tejal Rao and Air Jordan food podcast Writer and Host Jordan Okun. Also reviewed by the Los Angeles Times and Grub Street, Konbi’s Egg Salad sandwich has gained attention for its Instagram-worthy visual appeal and has been called a “culinary magic trick.”

The restaurant’s chefs and co-owners Nick Montgomery and Akira Akuto considered more than 15 egg farms before deciding to use Chino Valley Ranchers eggs in their Japanese-inspired egg sandwich. In a Grub Street article, Akuto is quoted saying, “The yolk in the middle is a textural counterpoint to the salad,” that also creates a visually-arresting color contrast.

Montgomery and Akuto have said none of their menu items were designed for Instagram; however, the bright orange color of the egg yolk has turned the Egg Salad sandwich into a social media success.

“Our eggs, once cooked, are not only visually appealing — they’re healthy,” says Chris Nichols, Vice President of Chino Valley Ranchers. “The bright yolk color is a natural result, or outward sign, of our dedication to humane and quality feed practices.”

Chino Valley Ranchers eggs’ bright yolk color is achieved by a precision feed formulation that has been optimized over the course of many decades. Depending on the egg variety, organic feed formulations can include corn, soybean, alfalfa, flax seed, limestone meal and other select seeds. Konbi’s decision to use Chino Valley Ranchers eggs in its Egg Salad sandwich further solidifies Chino Valley Ranchers’ reputation as Southern California’s most trusted egg grower.

Read the Los Angeles Times review or The New York Times review for more information on how the sandwich is constructed.

Konbi is located in Echo Park and serves Japanese-style sandwiches, vegetable dishes, tea, coffee, and pastries.