Chino Valley Ranchers an Exciting New Product: Pasture Raised Eggs!

Imagine living in a place where you have unlimited access to sunshine and fresh air. Your butler brings you an organic meal cooked specifically for you three times per day. If you become hungry in between meals, there are plenty of nutritious, whole-food based snacks available for consumption. In between meals and snacking, you are free to do whatever makes you happy—swim in the lake, read on the back porch, go for a hike, catch a nap, or laze around watching your favorite reality TV shows. Doesn’t it sound dreamy? Kind of like a permanent vacation. This is what it’s like to be a pasture-raised hen. Well, minus the reading or watching TV. At Chino Valley Ranchers, our pasture-raised hens are fed a certified organic diet that comes natural to them. They are given the space to roam about as they please, searching for bugs, taking dust baths, and just doing the types of things that make chickens happy.

  • Tiny Teams. Our pasture-raised flocks only have 2500-3500 hens. This means that we can keep a closer eye on them, making sure that they are happy and healthy.
  • Super-sized Space. The hens each get 108 square feet of outside space in rotation. To put it in perspective, caged hens each get 67 square inches, cage-free get less than 1 square foot, and free-range get less than 2 square feet of living space. Providing hens with 108 square feet of rotated pasture ensures that they will eat fresh vegetation and stay happy and healthy.
  • Family Affair. The birds are all on location at Chino Valley Ranchers, cared for by our family.
  • Only Organic. Our birds are fed a certified organic diet, but since they have so much free time, they are also given the opportunity to eat what comes natural to them. That includes grasses, weeds, bugs, and worms. Maintaining a varied diet means they lay amazing eggs. In addition, they get a new range area every 3-6 weeks, which means that they are constantly chomping on new grass.

If you have any questions about Chino Valley Ranchers’ pasture raised eggs, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are family owned and operated and are happy to help you make the best egg-buying decision for your family.