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Looking back is an opportunity to see how things have changed and to better understand how we got to where we are today. When it comes to breakfast, looking back on the food trends of the past decade we see how creative and exciting breakfast has become. Far from simple scrambled eggs and bacon, the...
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Christmas is a time for friends, family and good food. Whether you’ve got a Christmas morning breakfast tradition, or you’re ready to make some new ones, here are a few recipes from the Pioneer Woman to get you started.
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Omega-3 eggs may sound like a feat of genetic engineering, but the reality is that hens are simply fed flaxseed. Because flaxseed is high in omega-3 fatty acids, this leads to hens laying eggs that contain omega-3s.
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If it was up to your kids, they would have pizza, Doritos and chocolate cake for breakfast. And though at times it may be hard even for you to resist the temptation, here are a few reasons why you should start your breakfast on a healthy note — with eggs.
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Depending on your cultural background or religious beliefs, your Easter celebrations may include decorating Easter eggs, indulging in chocolate bunnies or going on an Easter egg hunt. But do you know how those traditions developed and what they mean? Here’s a brief history of Easter traditions. The Origin of the Word “Easter” Ancient pagans in...
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A decade ago, you only had two choices: organic or conventional eggs. But in the last few years, quite a few varieties of eggs have cropped up at your local grocery store. Now, you need to choose from organic, cage-free, free-range, pasture raised and omega-3. If you’re not familiar with pasture raised and omega-3 eggs,...
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Chino Valley Ranchers is continually monitoring the changing coronavirus challenge known now as COVID-19. We are in continual communication with state and local authorities and regulatory services.
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Chino Valley Ranchers organic eggs were recently featured in an Instagram post by Social Media Influencer Carly Schwartzbach on her profile @everything_but_the_bagel which has over 29,000 followers.
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In the post, Taylor writes, “Happy Friday, we made it! To get this Friday started I had to start off with a protein-rich frittata made with @chinovalleyranchers eggs! What I love about frittatas is the amount of versatility they have; from using up leftovers or just rummaging through the fridge and adding in random veggies,...
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The keto diet has gained popularity thanks to the radical transformations of celebrities Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow and LeBron James. The egg keto fast is a short-term diet that requires eating mainly eggs, butter and cheese.