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Everyone knows that eggs are the best breakfast food, but what about dinner? We think that humane harvest eggs can and should be included in any meal possible, no matter the time of day. Below are some inspiring and flavorful humane harvest egg dinner suggestions. Click the links below for recipes.
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Sometimes when cage-free eggs are hard boiled, they’re eggs-tremely difficult to peel. Chunks and pieces of the egg white get stuck to the shell and are removed along with it, which is frustrating.
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Feeling egg-citedly festive this week? With Halloween just around the corner, parties are sure to be happening left and right. We rounded up some of the most festive Halloween deviled egg recipes we could find so that our loyal customers could be the hit of the party. From cute to creepy, here are the organic...
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Have you ever wondered why people use eggs in their hair and on their skin? It sounds really gross (and it kind of is!), but just as eggs offer amazing health benefits when eaten, they also offer many benefits for the skin. Below are some of the benefits of egg whites on the skin.
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There’s no yolk about it—eggs are the perfect choice for breakfast. Whether preferred sunny side up, poached, boiled, baked, or scrambled, there’s a choice for everyone. Here is a delicious organic egg recipe: scrambled eggs. We know, we know. A recipe for scrambled eggs? Yes, believe it or not, there is a right and a...
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Your grandmother’s advice was egg-cellent: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Often times grabbing a pastry, piece of toast, or even just a cup of coffee is the fastest option, but by mid-morning, eggs-treme lethargy sets in. What’s the best option for breakfast? Organic eggs, of course! Here are some quick and...
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Long considered a bregg-fast staple and occasionally thrown into the mix for supper a la “bregg-fast for dinner,” eggs are actually quite versatile when it comes to lunch as well. We’re not talkin’ about your run-of-the-mill hard-boiled egg, either. Don’t get us wrong—there’s a lot that’s right about our tried-and-true hard-boiled friend: he’s easy to...
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Getting that eggs-act temperature for your eggs can be a hard-boiled task. When a recipe calls for room temperature eggs, you do not always have the time to let the eggs sit overnight and acclimate. But throwing them into the microwave to warm them is not the answer either. So how is it possible to...
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No, they are not eggs with horns. They aren’t red either! So then what is a deviled egg, and how did it get that name? We have the answer, and a heavenly recipe to boot!
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Peeling the shell from a hard-boiled egg can be eggs-hausting. If the shell is not peeled just right, it will break into a million little pieces and take forever to remove.  At Chino Valley Ranchers, we have already discussed the best way to cook a hard-boiled egg. But once it has been cooked, how can...