Athletes and Protein: Why Eggs are the Best for Recovery

When it comes to healthy eating, eggs have gotten a bad rap in the past. But over the years, more studies have emerged to support the importance of eggs in the diet. Specifically for athletes, eggs are an excellent source of protein and amino acids, which aid in recovery and makes them valuable to a post-workout diet.

Muscle Building and Recovery

Did you know eggs have a plethora of nutrients that benefit the body after a workout? The yolk is the source of various B vitamins and choline, which help delay muscle fatigue. These nutrients, combined with the amino acids also found in eggs, make them especially beneficial in resistance training and endurance sports because they help build muscle and restore glycogen.

The yolk also contains antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin which boost eye, skin and overall health; something that is important for athletes and casual gym-goers alike. In addition to being high in protein, egg whites contain magnesium which helps improve recovery during workouts and contributes to better quality sleep.

All-Around Nutrition

Whole foods like eggs are much better to eat post-workout than supplements and engineered foods. Eggs have the added benefit of being an affordable way of adding versatility to healthy dishes. So, whether you’re baking a frittata, flipping an omelet or fueling up on classic scrambled eggs and toast, you’re putting your workout recovery in good hands with this all-around nutritious food. We at Chino Valley Ranchers know that our egg products pair well with other healthy ingredients to create a dish that’s loaded with performance benefits. Take a look at some of our delicious yet healthy egg recipes here.

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