The best organic eggs come from Chino Valley Ranchers

A Family of Organic Eggs Farms Around the Country

When we saw demand rise for organic and cage-free eggs in the market we were thrilled. People cared about where their food came from, just like us! And then we were determined. We had to find a way to distribute high quality, fresh eggs to each person that wanted them. But we wanted to do this in a way that would still promote sustainable farming practices and healthy lifestyles for all our hens.

Our solution? We created a family of organic egg farms across the country. At Chino Valley Ranchers we rally for the local economy and strive to have a minimal impact on the land. Expansion looked like partnering with farming families across the United States to help us produce locally grown eggs.

That means Chino Valley Ranchers does not just have organic eggs farms in California. We also operate a dedicated organic ranch in Idalou, Texas and work with small family farms across the Midwest.

And the greatest thing is that each family organic egg farm follows the local organic certifier guidelines to keep the hens safe and the eggs delicious. Each farm is unique in its look, size, and shape, but all run with the same goal in mind: the happiness and the health of our hens.

There are no factory farms here. We would not stand for that. Our community egg farms supply eggs while we get to keep local farmers in business across the country.

We have talked before about how we are one big family at Chino Valley Ranchers and that extends to our community egg farms, and of course our hens. (They’re not just egg producers to us.)

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of organic and cage-free eggs? Or why the conditions of the hens really matter to the quality of the eggs and the quality of the earth? Call Chino Valley Ranchers today at 800.354.4503. We’re excited to talk to you!