7 Breakfast Trends Of The Past Decade

Looking back is an opportunity to see how things have changed and to better understand how we got to where we are today. When it comes to breakfast, looking back on the food trends of the past decade we see how creative and exciting breakfast has become. Far from simple scrambled eggs and bacon, the American breakfast has featured a variety of unique foods worth celebrating.

Breakfast tacos and burritos 

Those craving lunch for breakfast have turned to breakfast tacos and burritos. Many fast food chains, like Taco Bell and Chick-fil-A have added breakfast tacos and burritos to their menus. Though the origin of this trend is debated, what is undisputed is how mainstream it has become. 

Avocado toast 

This trend was popularized by millennials posting artfully decorated avocado toasts on Instagram while simultaneously bemoaning the expense. Cafes and restaurants have put their own spin on the Instagram star, but the basics include bread, avocado, eggs, salt, lime, and olive oil. Whether you choose to visit a cafe and order the avocado toast for breakfast or make it at home, there’s no doubt it’s a welcome change to the traditional breakfast.

Breakfast toast

The breakfast toast has evolved from basic butter and jam spreads, into sweet and savory options featuring eggs, smoked salmon, tomatoes, strawberries, greek yogurt, almond butter, turkey, and hummus. You could create whatever toppings and spread you’d like and no one will look at you sideways. 

Convenient and portable dishes and drinks

Our days have become busier, and breakfast has become shorter. The need for quick breakfast foods has led to the creation of portable dishes and drinks, such as overnight oats, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast cookies and bars, and pre-prepared smoothies.


Who could forget the cronut craze that began in 2013, when chef Dominique Ansel released the cronut at his New York City bakery? The cronut was even named one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of the year. If you’re feeling nostalgic, order your cronut online from Dominique Ansel’s bakery.

Sandwich options

Nowadays, we take breakfast sandwiches for granted. But this breakfast option exploded in the 2010s, with Burger King releasing a French-toast sandwich, Dunkin’ selling the Power Breakfast Sandwich, and even Starbucks launching its sous-vide egg bits.

Breakfast all day

And so, we are now rewarded with breakfast all day. Whether you skipped breakfast and want to enjoy it later in the day, or whether you simply crave breakfast for dinner, the rules are out and breakfast all day is in.