5 Savory Egg Recipes For Dinner

When you’re craving breakfast for dinner, but still want the savory flavors of dinner, here are a few recipes to make using Chino Valley Rancher eggs.

  1. BLT Quinoa Bowl

The BLT Quinoa Bowl is a reinvention of the classic sandwich. In this recipe, quinoa's mild nuttiness serves as the base for crispy bacon, fresh tomato, and arugula. A perfectly fried egg on top adds a touch of richness, its yolk serving as a sumptuous sauce when broken. It's a light, nutritious dinner option that packs a flavorful punch.

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  1. Gruyere and Egg Burgers

This recipe involves topping juicy grilled patties with layers of velvety melted Gruyère cheese, caramelized onions, and a sunny-side-up egg. The yolk cascades over the burger, acting as an irresistibly creamy condiment that harmonizes with the rich Gruyère and savory beef. This decadent burger offers a novel twist for your dinner routine.

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  1. Pot Roast Hash

If you’re craving comfort food, the Pot Roast Hash is guaranteed to hit the spot. Prepare pot roast with a beef base, mushrooms, garlic, onions, shredded beef, and potatoes. The real highlight comes with the addition of an over-easy egg, whose silky yolk binds everything together into a deliciously hearty meal. 

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  1. Stir-Fry Rice Bowl

The Stir-Fry Rice Bowl takes dinner to the East, offering a flavor-packed combination of fried rice, colorful vegetables, and tender beef. Ingredients include carrots, zucchini, baby portobello mushrooms, bean sprouts, baby spinach, chili garlic sauce, brown rice, soy sauce, sesame oil, canola oil, Chino Valley Ranchers eggs.

The bowl is crowned with a lightly poached egg, introducing a luscious texture and mellow flavor to balance the vibrant stir-fry. With every bite, the yolk melds with the fried rice, enveloping the ingredients in a velvety coat. This dish is a perfect balance of taste and texture, offering a restaurant-quality meal at home.

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  1. Croque-Madame

Explore the elegance of French cuisine with the Croque-Madame, a sandwich known for its lavish combination of ingredients. Ham and cheese are sandwiched between two slices of buttery bread, smothered in creamy béchamel sauce, then broiled to golden perfection. The crowning glory is a fried egg, enhancing the sandwich's richness. The combination of the creamy béchamel, melty cheese, salty ham, and the runny egg yolk is an irresistible delight that makes for a gourmet dinner at home.

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