5 Fun Facts About Adding Cage-Free Eggs to Your Diet

For years, eggs had a bad rap, a term defined as an “unjustified condemnation.” But recently, with more studies being conducted and more egg farmers turning to humane harvest eggs, our incredible, edible friend is a bright spot in the American diet. Compared to other nutrient-dense foods, cage-free eggs are a relatively cheap option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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What do cage-free eggs offer that other eggs don’t? We’re glad you asked.

  1. They are packed with protein. In fact, each egg contains roughly 6 grams of protein. They contain about 40 different kinds of proteins that aid in metabolism, making them easy to digest.
  2. They reduce the risk of breast cancer. A recent study revealed that women who consumed high amounts of choline were 24% less likely to get breast cancer. Guess what? Choline is abundant in cage-free eggs. Choline is also important for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as it aids in brain and memory development for both mom and baby.
  3. They are a low-calorie food. Depending on the size and preparation method, cage-free eggs can range from 45 up to 100 calories. Because they are full of nutrients and good fats like oleic and linoleic acid, they leave you feeling fuller for longer, too. Winner, winner, eggs for dinner.
  4. They help make hair and nails strong and healthy. Humane harvest eggs contain sulfur, which helps promote nail and hair growth.
  5. They help keep your eyes healthy. Two antioxidants found in egg yolks—lutein and zeaxanthin—boast major benefits for eye health. Several eggs a week can help prevent macular degeneration. Throw in some carrots and you’re sure to have great eyesight!

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At Chino Valley Ranchers, we take the nutrition and health of our laying hens seriously. We know that healthy, cage-free hens lay healthy, cage-free eggs. That’s why we’re committed to having both cage-free eggs and humane harvest eggs. If you have any questions about our farming practices, please contact us today!

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