4 Fun Facts about Chino Valley Ranchers’ Humane Harvest Eggs

At Chino Valley Ranchers, our number one priority is raising our hens humanely. That’s why we treat them with eggs-tra kindness, respect, and the most personalized care in the industry. We love seeing them relaxed, calm, and sunning themselves on bright, sunny days. We love that they get to do the things that chickens love most: taking dust baths, pecking for bugs or worms, and eating the grasses that grow throughout the farm. Because we love our laying hens so much, we can guarantee the following fun facts about our humane harvest eggs.

  1. Our laying hens are fed an all-vegetarian diet. We work closely with a nutritionist to ensure that our hens are receiving the most nutritious diet possible. We also run our own feedmill so that we know without a doubt that our hens are getting the best food possible. Their vegetarian diet is free from animal cholesterol and full of vegetable seed, grain, soybean, and limestone meal.
  2. Our laying hens live free and run happy. Though we have several types of eggs available, we have one type of laying hen: cage range. Chickens are highly social, intelligent, and emotional animals. That’s why all of our hens enjoy the sunlight, space to flap their wings, shelter when they need it, and a community of other hens at whom they can squawk. They are happy and stress free. Giving our hens the space to roam freely also keeps them free of sickness and disease.
  3. Our laying hens lay the most delicious eggs around. Because our chickens are happy and healthy, their eggs taste better. The dense nutrients and vegetarian diet give them the nutrients they need to produce yummy eggs.
  4. Our laying hens are healthy; therefore their eggs are healthy. Just like a diet rich in nutrients, exercise, fresh air, and sunshine are good for people, it’s good for chickens, too. A Mother Earth News egg testing project found that free-range eggs have 33% less cholesterol, 25% less saturated fat, 66% more vitamin A, twice as much omega-3 fatty acids, and 3 times more vitamin E than factory farm eggs. Healthy hens make healthy eggs.

Chino Valley Ranchers takes pride in the way we care for our chickens. If you have any questions about our farming practices, please contact us today!