4 Foods to Pair with Organic Eggs to Increase Nutritional Benefits

We talk about it all the time: organic eggs are good for you! In one small shell, they pack a nutritional punch that can’t be matched by any other food. Did you know, however, that when combined with other nutritional powerhouses, the health benefits of organic eggs shine even brighter? Read on to find out why.

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Organic eggs and spinach: it’s no secret that spinach is a super food. Just one cup of cooked spinach offers over 1,000 percent of the daily recommended vitamin K intake. Not only is it good for bone health, but vitamin K is fat soluble, meaning that the body best absorbs it when eaten with foods that contain small amounts of fat, like organic eggs. So go ahead, make a spinach and organic egg omelet.

Organic eggs and cantaloupe: Pair these two together for breakfast, and your energy levels could stay up until lunch. The protein in the organic eggs slows the absorption of carbs in the cantaloupe. This helps stabilize insulin and blood sugar levels, which prevents a “crash” later in the morning.

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Organic eggs and banana: Combining these two can help your body recover from a workout. After a strenuous workout, your body needs to replace carbs, potassium, and other nutrients you may have sweated out during the workout. Additionally, protein helps your muscles recover. Combining a banana, which is full of potassium and carbs, and the organic eggs, which are full of protein, meets this need.

Organic eggs and cheese: Research shows that calcium, provided by cheese, and vitamin D, provided by the organic egg yolk, work together to help women feel better during that time of the month. Women with high ingestion of both reported significantly less PMS symptoms than those with low ingestion of the nutrients.

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