4 Benefits of Organic Eggs

Chino Valley Ranchers’ farm-fresh certified, cage-free organic eggs are produced by hens fed only the finest organic grown grains. On our farm we run our own feed mill to ensure the birds receive the highest quality feed.

Hens that live in clean air and pesticide-free spaces really do produce the best eggs. Whichever way you enjoy your eggs, from sunny-side-up to poached, or with sausage and bacon, here’s why you should care if your eggs are organic.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Organic chickens receive access to the outdoors. They are not constricted to cages. As they run around outside they feed on grass and other plants that add nutritional value to their diet, specifically increasing omega-3 fatty acids. These may enhance the nutritional value of the eggs, too. Omega-3 fatty acids support the brain and reduce inflammation.

Free of antibiotics. Organic eggs are produced by hens fed organic feed, free of any antibiotics. That means there are no antibiotics or growth hormones that trickle into the egg you fry up in the morning.

A healthier egg. In order to be certified as organic, hens must have access to the outdoors and be free of hormones or antibiotics. Happier hens lay healthier eggs.

And as a bonus, if you ask us, organic eggs just taste better!

Chino Valley Ranchers’ organic eggs, soy free eggs, cage free eggs, and other varieties are gathered daily from nests to ensure freshness, and are packed in 100% recycled cartons using soy ink that is friendly to our environment.

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