3 Reasons Why Health-Conscious Consumers Buy Pasture Raised Eggs

You’ve probably wondered why pasture-raised eggs are more expensive than conventional eggs. What could be so special about the pasture raised label and is this relatively new variety really worth the few extra dollars? Here are three reasons pasture raised eggs are truly the superior variety of eggs and definitely worth it.

1. Pasture-raised hens have more freedom to roam, forage, enjoy sunlight and dust-bathe.

Conventional eggs come from hens confined to cages providing 67 square inches of space per hen. Caged hens are not allowed outdoors and do not receive direct natural sunlight. They are fed a corn or soy diet and are kept indoors their entire lives.

Pasture-raised hens, on the other hand, are free to roam outside and forage for bugs, worms, and plants. Natural exposure to sunlight and open pastures supports hen health and helps to increase the quality of eggs. In addition, pasture-raised hens are fed a healthier diet of fine grains, such as flaxseed and alfalfa.

As you can imagine, the eggs from caged hens are nowhere near as dense in nutrients as pasture-raised eggs. A study found that one pasture-raised egg contains twice as much omega-3 fat, four times more vitamin E, three times more vitamin D, and seven times more beta-carotene than a conventional egg.

2. A traceability audit ensures every egg follows pasture-raised requirements.

Pasture raised farms are required to maintain quality at every step of the process. Certification associations conduct random and unannounced inspections to make sure egg producers are not cutting any corners and that hens are being well taken care of.

3. Hens’ health and well-being are a top priority for producers.

Unlike conventional egg producers, owners of pasture-raised farms have made a commitment to supporting the health and well-being of their hens; a bigger profit margin is happily sacrificed for greater quality, improved conditions and greater nutritional value for consumers. The difference between conventional and pasture-raised eggs isn’t just in an extra-label — the difference is in the lifelong commitment to following strict, yet humane, practices to ensure hen health and well-being.