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Chino Valley Ranchers
A bunch of good eggs   Our Eggs: Soy Free Organic
Our Eggs: Simply Organic

You've asked for it and we listened. We have specially formulated a diet for our free range organic birds that is free from soy! These are perfect for people with soy allergies who have not been able to enjoy the wonderful taste of delicious organic eggs because of their inability to consume soy. Working with our nutritionist, different organic grains and seeds were hand selected to replace the nutritional content of what the soy provides for the hens. We have also added organic flaxseed to boost the omega-3 fatty acid content to 225 mg per egg. Rest assured you can expect the same great taste in our soy free eggs as you have come to expect from our other organic omega-3 eggs, just without the soy protein within. To prove not only to you but to ourselves, the lack of soy protein inside the egg, we have had a third party laboratory test the eggs with conclusive results. You won't find a more delicious organic egg than you will at Chino Valley Ranchers. The best organic eggs are found here! To view the results click here.

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