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It may sound like a joke, but when 200 hens go missing from a Northern California farm just before Easter, it is serious business. What’s even worse: the stolen hens were a specific variety of hen called Easter Eggers that lay multicolored eggs. These pastel-colored eggs are very popular around Easter, which results in over...
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Bacon and eggs complement each other perfectly, right? Which is why the American Egg Board recently announced that actor Kevin Bacon is the new face of our favorite source of protein. Hopefully with his help, we can encourage more people to make eggs a regular part of their meals!
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No, they are not eggs with horns. They aren’t red either! So then what is a deviled egg, and how did it get that name? We have the answer, and a heavenly recipe to boot!
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Summer is right around the corner! Looking for some help achieving that summer body? The answer might be in a simple breakfast food: eggs. Eggs sometimes receive a bad reputation for being high in cholesterol, but this does not negate the other health benefits.
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Peeling the shell from a hard-boiled egg can be eggs-hausting. If the shell is not peeled just right, it will break into a million little pieces and take forever to remove.  At Chino Valley Ranchers, we have already discussed the best way to cook a hard-boiled egg. But once it has been cooked, how can...
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We found this wonderful recipe on the Mason Jar Breakfast website. This makes such a simple, healthy breakfast! Keep reading for their delicious Bacon & Eggs in a jar instructions!
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Some people insist that eggs are not all they are cracked up to be, but we disagree. Yes, eggs can be high in cholesterol. There can be up to 200 milligrams in one large egg, and when compared to most other foods, that number seems outrageous. But just because food has high cholesterol does not...
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It is no yolk: fresh eggs contain the potential to carry foodborne illnesses. But before chickening out, do not fret. Eating eggs is still perfectly healthy! Just take extra caution with how they are handled. Even if the egg is clean, the very small possibility still exists that the egg contains a specific bacteria called...
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Struggling to find the best way to cook your egg? We’re ready to help you bring the sunny-side up to your breakfast: those hard times will be over easy! A poached egg can be a healthy way to spruce up the first meal of the day, since it does not require any added fat like...
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Tired of a boring breakfast of cereal and milk? Make your breakfast more eggs-iting with some hard boiled eggs! They are nutritious and can be easily made in bulk, so they are an easy addition to your weekly meal prep. But making the perfect hard-boiled egg can be difficult. Shelling the egg can be time...