Chino Valley Ranchers History

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For almost 70 years, Chino Valley Ranchers has been a family-owned company dedicated to bringing the freshest and best-tasting eggs to your table. For three generations now, our ranches have expanded to house thousands of birds, with our headquarters being close to 90 acres in size. So how did we get here?
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Since the early 1950s, Chino Valley Ranches has been dedicated to providing locally produced fresh eggs to its customers. With footprints in counties like Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino, we believe in promoting sustainability in all aspects of our practice throughout these communities.
At Chino Valley Ranchers, we receive many questions concerning eggs. Whether it’s about the color of the egg or how long they stay good for, we’ve heard it all and are happy to answer our customers’ questions. But some questions are more popular than others, which is why we’ve decided to share the top five...
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When we saw demand rise for organic and cage-free eggs in the market we were thrilled. People cared about where their food came from, just like us! And then we were determined. We had to find a way to distribute high quality, fresh eggs to each person that wanted them. But we wanted to do...
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In 1952 Charles B. Nichols bought eggs from local farmers and resold them at the LA Market in a small delivery truck. In the late 50s he decided to expand the business a bit by producing his own eggs and introduced the innovative concept of cage free chickens. Along with his wife Isabella and their...